George Vassiliou

Title: Professor
Position: Professor of Haematological Medicine
Organization: University of Cambridge
Country: UK

George Vassiliou is Professor of Haematological Medicine and co-lead of the Haematological Malignancies Programme at the University of Cambridge. He is also Senior Faculty at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and a Consultant Haematologist at Cambridge University Hospitals.

His team studies the pre-clinical evolution, molecular pathogenesis early interceptionand treatment of myeloid malignancies.

Highlights of their work include the co-discovery of the phenomenon of clonal haematopoiesis, the description of its natural history, the mapping of its causes and consequences and the development of multiparameter predictive tools for quantifying individual risk of progression to myeloid neoplasia (MN-Predict).Theycontributed to our understated ofthe pathogenesis of myeloid cancers, including through the development and study ofbespoke murine models (including conditionalNPM1, SF3B1, IDH1, DNMT3A and UTXmodels) and identified many novel vulnerabilities of acute myeloid leukaemia through the first genome-wide CRISPR screen in a human cancer,includingfor which inhibitors have been developedor have entered clinical studies (e.g. METTL3, SRPK1, KAT2A and KAT7).The team also developed the first genomic diagnostic tools for myeloid cancers based on DNA (Karyogene) and RNA (RNAmut) sequencing.

Work in the Vassiliou lab is funded by Cancer Research UK, Wellcome, European Research Council, Leukaemia Lymphoma Society, Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research, Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund, Blood Cancer UK, EMBO, Astrazeneca and the NIH-OxCam Scholars Program.